Tracy Chapman veteran market radio announcer since 1975. Tracy Chapman loves everything about radio especially doing his night time radio show M-F 6pm to Midnight and getting to meet so many country artist and 101.5 the Eagle listeners. Tracy has spent the majority of his 40+ years in radio in the country music format. Country artist and listeners are genuine people and Tracy finds it a pleasure to be a part of country radio format. When he is not busy with radio he is either with his family boating, camping, riding ATV’s, doing sound and DJ work with his family business, doing the music at a Utah Grizzlies Hockey or just relaxing at his home in the mountains with his wife and 3 dogs. Never a dull moment but mostly it’s all about getting to be on the radio.

Monroe is a locally grown, organic, cage-free Utahn. Born and raised in the Beehive State, she started in radio 16+ years ago and been on several radio stations in the valley. When she’s not living the radio dream, you will most likely find her off the beaten path. She enjoys hiking, camping, being a silly mom and wife, and sharing it all with her listeners. From the good, the bad, and the embarrassing in between, you’ll hear it all Monday through Friday 10am to 2pm.

Brandon the "Original" Shotgun Jackson was born in Provo, Utah but grew up in Ephraim. He moved away at a young age to pursue his lifelong Dream of being on the radio. Shotgun has worked with some of the biggest Radio stations and personalities. Brandon achieved his dream at the very early age of just 13. He was recording commercials and a weekend personality on K-96 in Provo. At age 16 he was the number 1 night personality in all of Salt Lake on KBER 101. Just a few of the radio stations he has been a Part of in Salt Lake: K-Bull 93, 97-1 ZHT, KKAT, B-98.7, Kisn 97, KCPX. Brandon also worked in Las Vegas, Boise, St. George, and Logan. At one point we almost lost Brandon when he garnered an amazing record deal with a small record label out of Dallas, Texas. Brandon loves to sing (Like his Uncle Alan) he used to sing all over the state of Utah with his band "Wild Country". They opened for many artists, although his most memorable was Chris Ledoux in Salina. He loves his family, his dog (which happens to be a Wolf/Husky mix), Country music, Football, (Go Cowboy's, Nascar (Go Dale JR!), and Basketball (Go Jazz!) Brandon's favorite food is Italian. His favorite saying is "Get-ER-Done" The rest of his history has been mysteriously deleted, (Something about Navy Seals). Brandon gives a special Thanks to Ed Hill, Scott Maholic, John Dimick, Jeff Cochran, John Edwards, Lou Simon, Big Steve, John Marks and many others that mentored him.

Listening to Fitz is not like anything else you’ve ever heard or experienced. Fitz has been described as someone with a huge heart who lives his life on the radio. His conversations and stories range from comical to profoundly honest. Some have described Fitz’s show as a radio hybrid of “The Tonight Show” and “Saturday Night Live” with parody songs and comedy bits. With the cast’s (Drew, Jenna Mae, and Tanner) individual personalities and lively discussions on every-day subjects, the show creates a powerful emotional bond with its audience and covers topics that moms and daughters alike want to hear. It’s a show that mom can listen to in the car with the kids and know the show will never embarrass her. Often described as an “emotional roller coaster,” Fitz in the Morning is renowned for being completely irreverent and hilarious one moment, then profoundly touching the next. It’s the closest thing to Oprah on the radio. Fitz’s show is A family-friendly, character-based reality show. Every morning, Fitz and the gang reveal everything about their lives. The show is a daily soap opera that listeners do not want to miss.

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