I-15 Speed Limit to Increase to 70 MPH Along Wasatch Front

Last week UDOT said they are planning on raising the speed limit on I-15 and I-80 to 70 miles per hour. This would affect the Wasatch Front from Spanish Fork to Ogden and 5600 W to Parley’s Canyon.

The question comes into play, does raising the speed limit 5 mph really matter? Most people are already traveling more than 65 mph, right? Doesn’t that mean people will just travel 5 mph faster?

All of us want to get home without worry of getting pulled over and this increase of the speed limit could help. However, Col. Danny Fuhr warned in the Salt Lake Tribune saying, “When the speed limit increased by 5 mph, we’re not going to change our enforcement practices to increase [the buffer] by 5 mph.”

This sounds like it will just make people feel better about “speeding.” Now, instead of going 10 miles an hour over the limit they are only going 5. It’s a moot point. In fact if everyone decides to go 5 mph faster will the UHP really start pulling over everyone?

The other worry is about an increase of crashes. According to a report on FOX13 the “majority of crashes come when people travel too fast for the conditions, not necessarily faster than the speed limit.” – What? Isn’t the posted speed limit there to help you decide what is the correct speed for the condition? Maybe we should invest in digital speed limit signs that change with the conditions? I feel like that would be safer than raising the limit and relaying on Utah drivers’ “good” judgment about what speed they should go.

Some officers agree. With fatal crashes on the rise in Utah, maybe this isn’t such a bright idea.

Either way it looks like the freeways are going to be getting a little fast in the next few months.

Let us know your opinion? Are you looking forward to the increase of the speed limit or does it scare you?

Featured image by Garrett.

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