25 Year Old Georgia Dome Gets Blown-Up! (Or Down)

It came down as planned

And Just like that the stadium comes down. While the Romans used The Colosseum for over 1000 years. We managed to get 25 wonderful years out of it. I’m sure the issue was that people couldn’t find the bathroom light switch or something.



It was the only facility to see the Olympics, The NFL Super Bowl, and NCAA Final Four games.

The Olympics happened in Atlanta 1996 the “Dream Team” won gold in men’s basketball, and women’s basketball team won gold as well.

The stadium housed two Super Bowls. In 1994 the Buffalo Bills against the Dallas Cowboys, and in 2000 the Rams against the Titans.

The Georgia Dome hosted three NCAA men’s Final Fours, with Maryland in 2002, Florida in 2007) and Louisville in 2013.

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