5 Reasons We Love Taylor Swift!

Photo courtesy of: joes_dreamgirl

Simple, sweet, and to the point; here are 5 reasons we love the beautiful and talented Taylor Swift!

#5- Her sense of style: She definitely knows how to pick a perfect outfit, she can rock multiple looks, and no one will ever look as awesome in red lipstick as Taylor does!

#4- She is a huge dork: She can be dorky in public and be proud of it, even when she is getting made fun of!

#3- We can relate to her music: She has a song for every mood and you can’t help but sing along anytime one of them comes on!

#2- She is a sweetheart!: She is probably one of the cutest, sweetest, most lovable stars we get the chance to enjoy!

#1- She comes to Salt Lake City!: Her 1989 tour kicks off in 2015 and she will grace us with her presence at Energy Solutions Arena September 4th! Make sure you are listening to 101.5 The Eagle for your chance to win since we are one of the only places that have tickets for her sold out show!



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