6 Tips to avoid a Meltdown this Holiday Season

1.  Don’t overspend.  Money is the number one thing that stresses people out during the holidays.  The best way to avoid it is to set a budget, and stick to it.


2.  Don’t worry too much about traditions.  Trying to recreate childhood memories is fine.  Just don’t go nuts with it.  Sometimes creating NEW traditions is better.


3.  Don’t try to buy the perfect gift for everyone.  Keep in mind there ISN’T always a “perfect” gift out there.  Just buy something and be done with it.


4.  Don’t eat too much.  Some people do it BECAUSE they’re stressed.  Then they get even more stressed about gaining weight.


5.  Don’t commit to too many events.  You’ll end up exhausted.  If you’ve got 10 parties this month, that’s too many.  It’s okay if you need to skip a few.


6.  Don’t try to stay in the Christmas spirit the whole time.  You should probably EXPECT to have a mini meltdown once or twice . . . so you don’t have a major one.


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