7 Minutes in Heaven- Ep 5

What happens when you die? I’m sure that’s a question that has at least crossed your mind once before.

My wife Jenn and I owned a hospice company for years. During this time, we experienced many individuals crossing over. The change in a room is palpable.
For most of us, we will only be able to answer this question of “what’s next” when it becomes our time. However for some, they have been able to experience the next phase of our journey and return.

My goal of this podcast is to interview those who have had NDE (near death experiences). “7 Minutes in Heaven” is exactly that. A 7 minute interview of those who have experienced life on the other side.

Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll, MD has the unique opportunity to engage the senses of the human spirit. As a doctor he has experienced the incredible things that manifest out of tragedy and death. Dr. O’Driscoll was one of Jeff Olsen’s (Episode 2) ER trauma staff who experienced communications from Olsen’s deceased wife, who was killed instantly at the scene of their traumatic automobile accident, while Olsen was having a near-death experience of his own.

Jeff also has a series of children’s books which you can find here!

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