10 Things I Actually Want From Oprah’s 2017 Favorites List

I mean, Oprah knows best, but I can’t afford to live like her!  Or can I?  You don’t have to be “Oprah Rich” to enjoy some of her favorite things!  Here’s what I want from her 2017 list:

SPANX Leggings

Yes, leggings made by Spanx!  I’m gonna need a few pairs!

The Patchwork Bear Memory Bear

I am a mom who has 3 tubs of of old baby clothes I don’t have the heart to get rid of.  BUT with this kit, I can turn those clothes into  a cute and cuddly keepsake!  I want one for each of my kids!

Corkcicle Stemless

The perfect corkcicle to keep my coffee and tea warm or my cocktail cold.  I need this!

Gratitude Glass Jar

This jar comes with 365 cards so you and your family can write down things you appreciate.  I want this to be a new Thanksgiving tradition.  Every year we can sit down as a family and reflect on how lucky we are.

Letters to Me, When I Grow Up

How cute is this??  12 letters in a book that kids can use to draw pictures and tell stories to their future selves and their children.

Orbit BlueTooth Card Tracker

Yes, I am a hot mess!  For those days I misplace my purse or wallet, with the push of a button, I will now be able to figure out where I left it.  Do they have a key ring version??

Gourmia Frozen Dessert Maker

Just add fruit and voila! you have a fantastic frozen treat to savor instead of fatty ice cream.

SOREL Waterproof Boots

Brace yourselves, winter is coming…and these are really cute!

Burts Bees Family Pajamas

Can you say Christmas Card?  They are actually super soft and comfy too!

23andMe DNA Test Kit

I wanna know!  This would be fun to talk about results at family holiday parties too!

Click here to see the full list!

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