Baby Delivery On I-15!


Three cheers for the paramedics with the South Jordan Fire Department! The nightmare closure on I-15 yesterday from an accident involving a semi carrying ammonium nitrate sent traffic to a standstill while troopers cleared a half mile blast zone. Not only both directions of I-15, but I-215 as well were locked down while crew tried to recover the explosive material. Commuters never made it to work, kids to school- but for one couple trying to get to the hospital, the situation had a certain urgency. Mom was in labor, and the baby was not going to wait. The South Jordan Fire Department figured out a way to get their ambulance into the gridlock around the parent’s car and managed to hustle the poor mom into the ambulance just in time for Josh Brown to safely deliver the baby. Mom and baby are both in good condition and finally in a hospital bed.

To Josh and the other paramedics in Unit 61- you rock!

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