Best Wrong Text Ever!

A woman in Bainbridge, Georgia named Teresa Lashley recently sent a group text message that said her daughter-in-law was having a baby.

But it turned out one of her friends had changed his number, and she didn’t know it.  So a random guy named Denis Williams got the message instead, and texted back to let her know what happened.

But she still didn’t realize it was the wrong number at that point, and sent him a photo of her holding the baby.

And apparently he was feeling kind of invested in the whole thing by then, because he texted back to find out the name of the hospital . . . and asked if he could come by and take a PICTURE with them.

And at that point Teresa finally realized what happened, but also thought it was funny.  So she sent him the room number, and Denis and his brother eventually showed up with PRESENTS.

We don’t know what the presents were, but Teresa posted a photo on Facebook of them posing with the parents.  And there are also screenshots of all the text messages

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