Burger King Takes On ‘Pink Tax’ With In-Store Stunt

Imagine being a woman and going to a fast food restaurant and ordering the same thing as a man. Everything is fine, until you’ve been charged more for no reason other than the fact the packaging for your food is pink.


Burger King just did an in-store stunt making their Chicken Fries cost more for women by simply placing them in a pink box.


The idea behind this was to raise awareness and support for the Pink Tax Repeal Act. The demonstration shows women being utterly confused by the fact that fries ordered by men were $1.69 and theirs were $3.09 just for being in a “cute pink box with lips and eyelashes.”

Reports say 42% of the time ‘pink tax’ is used to mark-up female-geared products. Do you find yourself buying men’s products to avoid paying more than necessary for the same thing?

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