Chantel’s 21 Day Fix

At the beginning of the year we all decided to get healthy and fit. Well Jon & Justin gave up about February but I’ve still been working really hard to reach my goals. I could not find a workout regiment I could stick too until i found the 21 Day Fix. I’ve really enjoyed the workouts and the dieting is surprisingly easier than I thought!

I am the queen of Sweets, Coke-a-cola and really anything eatable. If it is put in front of me, i love to eat it (except anything Jon recommends..he eats weird stuff)

I started 21 Day fix in April and just completed my 1st round (Started my 2nd round on Monday)! Most people need to do about 3 rounds to reach their goals. It was really frustrating because I joined a Team and everyone around me lost 10+ pounds in only 3 weeks..I lost 3 (boo) but i found a lot of satisfaction in my Before and After Photos. I decided I will share them with y’all because we are friends & maybe if you are struggling with self love like me..this will inspire you!

Round 1: I learned its not about the number on a Scale but the way you Look

image1 (1)

***I’m not a paid advertiser either, I really just LOVE this program & want to help my friends that way it has helped me 🙂

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