Did you SEE what happened on Dancing With The Stars last night?


Did you SEE what happened on Dancing With The Stars last night? Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte debuted on DWTS with a foxtrot danced with partner Cheryl Burke. (Host Tom Bergeron had the best opening line: “This is the first time Ryan Lochte’s ever worn clothing in competition.”) They barely got through the dance when a bunch of protesters wearing “I Hate Lochte” t-shirts rushed the stage. The protesters were apparently unhappy Lochte was “rewarded” with a DWTS gig after his false statements at the Rio Olympics claiming he was robbed at gunpoint, when actually he and some other swimmers were drunk and vandalized a gas station. They were promptly arrested, but Lochte was apparently “so shaken” by the episode (he wasn’t touched) that he couldn’t leave his dressing room backstage for the rest of the evening. But here’s the part I found to be the most entertaining- the song he and Cheryl danced to? “Call Me Irresponsible.” Really? No one caught the irony of the song during hours and hours of rehearsals?

Twitter was- as you expect- hilarious.


Here’s the hasty cut to commercial after the stage rush:

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