Everything Meghan Markle Can’t Do Now That She’s A Royal

You may not realize is now that Meghan Markle is part of the royal family, there’s a lot she has to leave behind.

As far as her physical appearance, there are now many rules she has to follow. For one, no bold colored nail polish, only neutrals, because apparently, the Queen is very picky about nail color. She also can’t show her bare legs or wear a skirt past a certain length. Her physical appearance isn’t the only thing that needs to change now, but also her lifestyle. Markle was an actor in America, but now she has to put acting behind her. In addition to that, she can no longer sign autographs, out of fear her signature could be forged, she can’t have any of her own social media accounts, and she can’t even take selfies, as the queen is not a fan.

Not to mention, if she becomes tired, she needs to suck it up, because she can not go to bed until the Queen does!




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