Five Best Family Hikes Along The Wasatch Front

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Five Best Family Hikes Along The Wasatch Front. Let’s be honest- even though you might be all excited about strapping on the Keens and going on a nice, long hike. The kids? Maybe not so much. Sometimes you have to ease the offspring into the joys of climbing Utah trails. Fortunately, there’s tons of easy and accessible hiking paths that can lure the kids into the joys of the Wasatch Front without a single blister.

Five Best Family Hikes Along The Wasatch Front:

dog lake

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Brighton Lake Loop: Dog Lake and Lake Mary. It’s a mere 2 mile roundtrip to see two of the prettiest lakes in the region. Park at the Brighton Ski Resort and the trailhead’s right there.

hidden falls

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Big Cottonwood Canyon: Hidden Falls. They’re not that hidden, but this is a great payoff on a hot summer day. Head up to park just over the big “S” curve- it’s maybe a quarter mile from the road.

alta ski resort

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Alta Ski Resort: Catherine’s Pass to Sunset Peak. This is just over 2 miles for a roundtrip, and there’s lots of flat spots–then a couple of steep paces to change it up. The view is totally worth it. Park at the Sunnyside lift.


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Big Cottonwood Canyon: Cardiff Fork to the mines: Just under 7 miles roundtrip, this is a great hike- scenic and gorgeous the whole way up and down, but the mines are a great payoff. They’re old, atmospheric, a little creepy. The trailhead is just below the Spruces Campground.


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The Bonneville Shoreline Trail: This is my personal favorite- there’s multiple ins and outs, so it’s easy to jump on at several easy locations. The trails are well-groomed, and dogs are allowed on leashes. But the views: always spectacular. There’s hidden mines, abandoned mills, majestic rock cliffs- all the good stuff. The total distance is 22 miles, just pick the amount you feel like hiking.

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