Four offbeat Halloween adventures you may not have tried yet…

Four offbeat Halloween adventures you may not have tried yet… Utah takes Halloween seriously- as we should. From costumes to candy to the wildest home decor- we rock this holiday. But here’s four Halloween adventures you may not know about. Have a look!


1. Halloween Cruise On The Provo River

Take a boat ride along a portion of the Provo River with Capt’n Jack and his scallywag-ish crew. They’ll have tales of ghostly things along the river- and you’ll likely get boarded! Safe for all ages. Find more info and coupons here.


2. Carnivore Carnival

The life-sized dinosaurs at the George S Eccles Dinosaur Park are creepy enough during the day.  But walking round a dark corner at night to find one rearing up in front of you?  Extra creepy.  Wear your costume and play the old-school carnival games.  More info here.


3. The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

Travel to Midway for a wagon ride through the woods as you hear “The Legend of the Headless Horseman.”  Don’t be surprised if those woods turn out to be haunted.  More info here.


4. The Pumpkin Festival on the Heber Valley Railroad

Take a train ride through the mountains as costumed characters tell you scary tales while plying you with pumpkin cookies and hot chocolate. Leave the safety of your train car to select a pumpkin from their hidden field, and dash back inside before one of the scarecrows catch you!  More info here.

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