Help Eagle Friend Jim!



Eagle friend Shandie reached out for help regarding her husband Jim. She’s such a great friend of ours, I wanted to share with you her letter and see if anyone of our friends can help!

“Jim applied to The Hanger Clinic in Washington and Ryan Blanck said Jim was a great candidate for the ExoSym/IDEO braces. This is the only place you can get these braces unless you are a member of the military.

At this point, we do not know if there will be any coverage by our insurance company.  If there is we will only need to raise about a third of the goal we have now 🙂

We cannot tell you all the ways this will change our family and Jim’s life.  As it is now if he doesn’t get these braces the possibility of him being in a wheelchair in the next 10 years is very real, which scares me.

To give everyone an idea of what he goes through now….  He loves to golf.  He plays a round of golf Saturday morning and by Saturday around 6 he cannot walk due to the pain. This continues into Sunday and early Monday morning.  He ices his legs and takes pain meds but it no longer helps.  I would love for my husband to be able to do the things he loves, play with our boys and attend concert events with me without the pain.

We have a couple of events going on

1-May 19th from 6am-May 20th 6pm (Jim’s birthday) we will have a facebook event where we are asking everyone to donate a dollar and share our link on social media.  I thought it’d be a great birthday present for him.

2-We are having a fundraising yard sale on Saturday, May 21 at 14177 S 5815 W, Herriman.  We have a front loading washer and dryer, entertainment centers, book shelves, gaming consoles, including a working ATARI with games and much more. There will also be homemade cinnamon rolls and juice that morning. We will picking-up donations this Saturday from 3-9pm.

I know that we have a lot Kip Moore fans here. I have an autographed hat that I will auction off or give away.


Here is the link to our go fund me

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