It’s a Zombie Apocalypse!

An 18-year-old girl in Virginia had her wisdom teeth out last week.  And while she was still drugged up from the surgery, her two older brothers made her think there was a zombie APOCALYPSE.

They drove her home and played a fake news report on the radio that said a virus was turning people into cannibals.  Then they had their mom call, and she was in on it.

Then they got home and started packing their car like they were evacuating.  And they forced her to make decisions, like whether to take the dog or the cat, because they could only fit one of them.  So she said to just let the dog DIE.

They also told her they had to drive to Mexico . . . asked if she remembered any Spanish from high school . . . and she said she only knew how to say the word “pants.”

They say they came up with it because she won’t watch “The Walking Dead”, because she thinks it’s too scary.

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