It’s National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day.

Yes, the people who make up holidays weren’t just satisfied with National Pizza Day, which is February 9th . . . they had to give a holiday to one specific topping.

But at least they picked the most popular topping.  Here are some results from a new survey . . .

1.  66% of people say they like pepperoni.  That makes it the most popular pizza topping . . . but it DOES mean one-third of people don’t like it.  Sausage came in second . . . mushrooms came in third . . . and bacon was fourth.

2.  98% of people say they like pizza.

3.  22% say they can eat an entire pizza on their own.

4.  And finally, 3% say they’d rather eat pizza than be in a relationship.

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