Jason Aldean Is Obsessed With Post Malone’s Music

Country Music artist, Jason Aldean recently professed his love of Post Malone’s music.

The “Amarillo Sky” singer told E! News that he’s a big fan of Post “I’m a big fan of Post Malone. I don’t know if that comes as a huge shock but I really dig what he does. He just dropped a new album not too long ago and I think the guy has his own style and he’s killing it right now. He’s a guy I find myself listening to a lot and really digging what he’s putting out.

Post Malone may feel the same, during an interview with Fader, Posty said he was a fan of country music and after 40 he’ll probably start singing it.

Whether or not there is a future when Jason Alden and Post Malone join forces, is yet to be seen, but one can only hope.

What do you think of a collaboration between Post Malone and Jason Aldean?

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