Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Being On An “Emotional Roller Coaster”

Now that Kelly Clarkson has opened up about divorcing her husband, Brandon Blackstock, it’s being revealed the daytime host and Country superstar had been having marital problems for months.

The first sign of trouble was when Clarkson put both family homes up for sale, one in December 2019 and the second in May. It was reported the couple disagreed over having more children and during her 38th birthday Clarkson made the comment about how nice it was, “to be alone on her birthday.”

The couple thought that quarantining outside of Los Angeles would make things better for the relationship, however, it just made things worse according to a source.

In a Glamour UK interview weeks before the divorce announcement Kelly talked about quarantine life saying, “I have been on an emotional rollercoaster,” she said. “This has been really hard as a working parent because I’m still doing all the same jobs. It’s been exhausting, honestly, cooking every meal and cleaning nonstop after toddlers.”

Clarkson continued saying “It’s a choice — whatever cards you’re dealt with, what you do with them. And we all don’t make those right choices all the time … You just take your cards you’re dealt, and you do the best you can with them.”

How do you make sure to stay connected with your partner? Did quarantine bring you closer together?


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