Lady Gaga Fans Are Trying to Sabotage “Venom” By Posting Negative Reviews

The two biggest movies hitting theaters this weekend are the superhero movie “Venom” with TOM HARDY . . . and the remake of “A Star Is Born” with BRADLEY COOPER and LADY GAGA.

And Lady Gaga’s fans are trying to help HER win the box office by SABOTAGING “Venom” with fake negative reviews on social media.  They’re saying things like, quote, “I won’t let my son watch ‘Venom’, it’s so ugly and not something God would like.  My family is going to watch ‘A Star Is Born’.”


Some of the reviews might actually be coming from DC fans . . . but whatever the case, Marvel fans are retaliating by posting bad reviews of “A Star Is Born”.


By the way, “Variety” says that “Venom” is expected to make at least $55 million, while “A Star Is Born” is only supposed to make $25 to $30 mil.

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