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As winter starts to creep in, I’ve been slowly saying goodbye to my BBQ. We did a farewell week on the grill with hamburgers, steaks, chicken, grilled veggies- nothing but the best! Soon the snow will be covering up my beloved Weber.

As a farewell to the Weber, I present to you the MY TOP 5 FAVORITE MEATS


Not everyone knows how to cook pork, but if you do (a little on the rare side), it is delicious! I’m not just talking bacon, give me the entire pig.


I’ve expressed my disdain toward turkey and Thanksgiving but chicken is a whole different story! A healthy lean meat that can be cooked in so many ways. I love grilling legs in the summer!


Everyone talks about their love for salmon, but there are so many great fish to grill! Try swordfish, snapper, mahi mahi and even tuna!


I am not great at grilling lamb but it’s a fun thing to keep practicing! Lamb is such a flavorful meat. Add a side of tzatziki sauce and you’re set!


It’s a classic and for great reason! 4 minutes on each side will give you a nice medium-rare temp. Add a slice of butter on top during the last 30 seconds for flavor!

Speaking of great meat, try some of the best meat in Utah at the ‘get in my belly‘ grand opening event of Steve’s Killer Dogs and Smokin Star BBQ at Provo Towne Center.

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