MLB Considers Playing Entire Season In Arizona

Baseball officials are considering moving all 30 MLB teams to Arizona, where they’ve proposed playing the 2020 season in empty stadiums.

The idea was reportedly the topic of discussion during a Monday conference call involving Major League Baseball executives and representatives from the player’s association, according to the Associated Press.

Sources tell the news agency officials are considering Arizona over Florida because the Grand Canyon State’s 10 spring training ballparks and the Diamondback’s Chase Field are located within 25 miles of each other. By contrast, Florida’s spring training facilities are sprawled out over a 220-mile area.

“It allows for the immediacy of a schedule, where you might be able to begin it and televise it,” says baseball agent Scott Boras. “I think players are willing to do what’s necessary because I think they understand the importance of baseball for their own livelihoods and for the interest of our country.” MLB officials say they’re shooting for a mid-May opening day.

Why can’t these teams play games in their own empty stadiums? Given how hot Arizona gets in the summer, do you think it could end up being a sanctuary for those who want to avoid the coronavirus?


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