Movie Review- “12 Strong” and “Den of Thieves”

Luke Hickman from was in to talk about 5 new movies out today!

12 Strong  (R)

Chris Hemsworth leads a Special Forces team into Afghanistan to fight their way to a Taliban stronghold in the days immediately after 9/11.  Their target is an Al Qaeda training camp in the country’s fourth largest city.

Michael Shannon plays his second in command.

Their team of a dozen men also includes Michael Pena and “Moonlight’s” Trevante Rhodes.  It’s based on the declassified story of the green berets who got help from a local warlord to infiltrate enemy territory on horseback.

Den of Thieves  (R)

Pablo Schreiber from “Orange is the New Black” leads a crew of bank robbers who plan to hit a branch of the Federal Reserve to steal old currency that’s been taken out of circulation.  His crew includes 50 Cent and Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr.

And Gerard Butler is the cop determined to stop them.

Forever My Girl  (PG)

Alex Roe plays a country singer who returns home for a funeral and finds out that he has a daughter with the woman he left at the altar when he left town to start his music career.  Jessica Rothe from “Happy Death Day”plays his old flame.


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