New in Theaters: “Game Night” and “Annihilation”

Luke Hickman from was in this morning talking about movies out this weekend.

Game Night  (R)

A comedy where Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are competitive gamers invited to a murder mystery at his brother’s house.  But when Kyle Chandler is kidnapped during the party, no one realizes that it’s real and not just part of the game.

The two other clueless couples are played by LaMorne Morris from “New Girl”Kylie Bunbury from “Pitch”Jesse Plemons from “Fargo”, and British actress Sharon Horgan from Amazon’s “Catastrophe”.

Annihilation  (R)

Natalie Portman leads an all female team into a quarantine zone called “The Shimmer,” after a meteor crashes and transforms the area into an alien landscape.

Oscar Isaac plays her husband, who’s the only surviving member of a previous expedition into the Shimmer.  The rest of her team consists of Jennifer Jason LeighGina RodriguezTessa Thompson, and Swedish actress Tuva Novotny.

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