Our Heart Hurts For This Salt Lake City Father And His Little Angel

We get requests all the time and we love helping out the community as much as possible. But sometimes we get a heart breaking request that breaks our heart. Mike Betker asked a favor of us that we couldn’t say no to “Would you be willing to do me A HUGE favor.. I’d be forever in your debt” read the Facebook Message.

With out a second thought I began writing this blog post. It was about his little angel Zoe Jane. On December 30th he received news that she has an inoperable brain cancer. Here is what his full message said:

“My baby girl was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer called DIPG it is inoperable and has a 0% survival rate. I’m desperate for a miracle and any help we can to beat this monster would be amazing. I’m asking if you could post this link on your timeline for all your followers to see and ask if they’ll share it?”

If you’d like to help out Zoe Jane check out her gofundme Page

Mike we wish you and your family lots of hugs and a ton of prayers.


Zoe is up and well this morning

Posted by Sweet Zoe Jane on Monday, January 1, 2018


A little bit about what DIPG is

According to Defeat DIPG  “DIPG is a brain tumor found in a part of the brain stem called the pons. The pons controls essential bodily functions such as heartbeat, breathing, swallowing, eye movement, eyesight, and balance.

DIPG affects children almost exclusively. Approximately 200-400 children in the United States are diagnosed with DIPG each year. These children are typically between the ages of 4 and 11. DIPG accounts for roughly 10-15% of all brain tumors in children.

DIPG is an aggressive tumor that interferes with all bodily functions, depriving a child of the ability to move, to communicate, and even to eat and drink.

As a DIPG tumor begins to grow, it puts pressure on the nerves that control the essential bodily functions regulated by the pons. Children with DIPG commonly experience double vision, reduced eye movement, facial weakness or asymmetry, and arm and leg weakness. They also have problems with walking, coordination, speech, chewing, and swallowing. As the tumor progresses, it also interferes with breathing and heartbeat, which ultimately results in the child’s death.”

gofundme Page

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