7 Genius Ways To Be A Better Parent This Week

Being a parent is stressful, isn’t it? While the kids are in school, you’re super busy with housework or your career, and when you pick them up, you’re thinking about dinner, homework and everything else that’s going on before they go to bed. Basically, you’re juggling 20 different things all at once. Here are 7 different things you can try this week to help you de-stress and focus on creating positive and fun experiences for your children.

Parenting Hacks


1. Plan a few “3-ingredient dinners”.

Black Bean Tacos 3 Ingredient Dinners

Between the extremes of fast food and foie gras, there are plenty of 3 ingredient recipes that are healthy, quick to prepare and super delicious!


2. Add a magnet to a plastic cup.

Cup With Magnet

Feel like you’re always washing dishes? Make your own magnetic cups by super glueing magnets to plastic cups and stick them to your fridge.


3. Use baking soda and water for splinter removal.

Baking Soda And Water On Splinter

The mixture makes removing splinters a lot less painful!


4. Make DIY sidewalk chalk.

Sidewalk Chalk

Use plaster of Paris and cold water for homemade sidewalk chalk! Just put the mixture in any container and add food coloring or tempera paint. Get the directions here.


5. Add gelatin mix to popsicles so they don’t drip everywhere.


Get the recipe here.


6. Use a muffin tin to serve condiments.

Food Hack: Use a muffin tin to serve condiments at a BBQ. It will save you space and cut down on dish washing.

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No more washing a million dishes the next cheeseburger night!


7. Get advice from your parent(s).


They’ve gone through it before, so listen to everything they have to say.

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