Racetrack Loses Sponsors Over “Bubba Wallace Rope”

Race fans aren’t having any of North Carolina’s 311 Speedway owner’s tasteless and racist antics.

After owner Mike Fulp posted an ad for a noose-shaped “Bubba Rope” on Facebook Marketplace, he’s getting hurt where it counts most in business; in his bank account.

Fulp’s “ad” making light of the noose found in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall has caused a major backlash. The track has lost several partnerships, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

While the FBI reports that the noose had been in that specific garage stall long before NASCAR’s only African-American driver used it, Wallace was instrumental in getting Confederate flags banned from NASCAR events. Fulp, in the meantime, is getting slammed on social media for past racist comments and for hosting a Confederate flag-themed “Heritage Night” at his speedway.

Should Stokes County, North Carolina officials call for the closure of 311 Speedway? Should Mike Fulp be allowed to have a business license for his racist antics? Have you been surprised by NASCAR’s move to distance itself from the Confederate flag?

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