Ryan Seacrest’s Creepy Comments Caught On Air

Live TV can be tough. There’s no rehearsal and at any point, you can blow it. You’d think Ryan Seacrest is used to being the host of a live television show, but apparently, he’s not.

When American Idol was coming back from a commercial break, the cameras cut to Seacrest hanging around the judges’ table. Katy Perry noticed they were back on live television and whispered to Seacrest “We’re back” but Seacrest ignored it and continued his conversation with Perry saying, “Your mom is pretty.” He went on to tell Perry, “You are too, but you’re not a mom yet.”The conversation got even creepier when Seacrest offered to help Perry become a mom.

Eventually, everyone realized they were back on air and it was business as usual, but not before fans around the world were completely creeped out by the host’s comments. Personally, I found it hilarious.



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