Salt Lake City Is Fun! At Least According To This New National Poll

I like to believe we’re fun. Utah’s touted as a “Pretty, Great State.” Our capitol city is cool. And according to a new national poll, everyone else thinks so, too. just came out with their list of the most “fun” cities in America, and Salt Lake City’s on the list.

The website picked the “fun” cities based on a whole bunch of interesing indicators, like how many festivals the city held, how many outdoor activities were available, etc. As you can see from the map, California’s totally rocking, but I’m feeling bad for poor Wyoming and Montana. Anyway, Salt Lake City comes in at 5th place for “fun,” based on odd rankers like “lowest cost for beer,” and “reasonably priced movie tickets.”

So, what do you think? Are we fun?


Source: WalletHub
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