Studies Show “Nasty Effects” Of Binge-Watching TV According To Researchers

New research ties binge-watching Netflix to negative effects on your health.

A recent study surveyed users in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany who said they watch more television then video chatting, playing video games, and working. Health risks of binge-watching Netflix include obesity, increased risk of bowel cancer, premature aging, and poor posture.

A 2018 study showed binge-watching television had a negative effect on viewers’ sex life due to evening viewing that got in the way of getting down before bed.

A 2019 study revealed people watch over 78,000 hours of T.V. in a lifetime with 3,000 hours finding a show to watch. Netflix recently began asking subscribers if they wanted to retain their memberships after a year of non-use and will delete non-responders.

How much television do you watch a week? Does this make you rethink your viewing schedule?

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