Survival Guide to Black Friday

Here’s the deal, its the biggest shopping day of the year. And you can often get confused with silly door busters and sales that will waste your time causing you to miss out on the Real Dealz!

Survival Guide to get the most of your Black Friday:

– Most of the Time Pre-Black Friday Sales are better than the real thing. Yes, Prices on Black Friday are lower but you are also receiving a lesser quality product made specifically for Black Friday. Ask yourself, have I seen this Brand before? Look it up on the good ol’ Internet and read reviews before running though the isles of Walmart like a Crazy person. A lot of the time, that 50″ TV for $265 won’t even make it until next Black’s a vicious cycle

– Have a Game Plan. Don’t wait until 6pm on Thursday to decide which stores to go to first. You will get overwhelmed and quit after the first time someone tramples your foot or runs you over with a shopping cart. If you know where to go and what you are there for, you can get in-and-out before you’re lost in a maze of Elmo’s and Razor Scooters.

-Superstores are the mecca of Black Friday. Start with those. They have the Doorbusters (not all bad) and also they add and change sales throughout the day, so make sure you watch the schedule. The Malls are fun to run though because of the festive decor, but the sales have often been running all week (if not, month) long. From a former mall retail employee, when the store says sale ends at 10am, the signs magically change to noon at 9:59am, and then 4pm and so on till close. Most of the things I want on Black Friday are from the mall, but if you want to avoid the rush and get the same deals as the people who stood in line all night, go on Saturday..they will still be running.

-Small Business Saturday. Remember shopping your local retailers on Black Friday weekend keeps your community thriving. They also have less crowds, better products and a lot of the time better deals to compete with the big department stores.

-Last call Cyber Monday! Save all that online shopping for Monday, most sites will offer incentives all weekend, but wait till Monday to get that Free Shipping and, again, Better Dealz!

Now get out there and Show Black Friday who is Boss!


Here is a Link to all the Major ads for Black Friday

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Black Friday 2015

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“Moonlight Maddness”

City Creek Center:

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