The 10 Fictional Couples with the Worst Chemistry put together a list of ‘The 10 Worst Fictional Couples That Felt Like Crimes Against Humanity.’

Here they are:

1.  Bella and Edward from “Twilight”

1a:  Anastasia and Christian from “Fifty Shades of Grey”, which they linked to “Twilight” because they were both inspired by “romance” fiction.

2.  Ginny and Harry“Harry Potter”, specifically the movies, because of the awkward chemistry between Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright.

3.  Mario and Peach from the “Super Mario” Nintendo games

4.  Han and Qi’ra from “Solo: A Star Wars Story” . . . They say there was a stronger romantic connection between Han and Chewy.

5.  Vision and The Scarlet Witch from “Avengers: Infinity War”

6.  Every Woody Allen movie that stars Woody Allen as a “love interest.”

7.  Padme and Anakin from “Star Wars, Episodes 1 through 3”

8.  Tom and Summer“500 Days of Summer” . . . They point out “Arguably, the terrible existence of this couple is pretty much the point of ‘500 Days of Summer’.”

9.  Izzie and George“Grey’s Anatomy”

10.  Anna and Kristoff“Frozen”. . . They say, quote, “Most of the time Anna and Kristoff spend together amounts to him telling her how awful she is.  Meanwhile, he’s the useless one.  Again, there’s more sexual chemistry between Kristoff and his furry sidekick than between Anna and Kristoff.”

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