The Best Part of the Olympics!

Did you catch this?

Freestyle skier Elizabeth Swaney did a really boring half pipe run, where she basically just skied up and down each side . . . without attempting ANYTHING.  No tricks or jumps . . . nothing.  She just totally played it safe.

And it’s apparently because she CAN’T do that stuff.  She was able to get to the Olympics by gaming the system.

She’s American, but competed for Hungary, which is where her grandparents are from.  There’s no way she would have made the U.S. team.  She also sought out Olympic qualifying events that didn’t have many competitors so her ranking would appear higher.

Then she just waited until a few women fell and crashed at those events, so she didn’t end up dead last, and it finally happened in December.

But if you want to run the same scam so YOU can go to the Olympics in four years, it’s probably too late . . . there’s talk that the rules for qualifying will be changed now because of her.



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