The Sweetest Story You’ll Read All Day


All the feels! Restaurant owner Joel Cervantes Macias was driving through a Chicago neighborhood on an extraordinarily hot day when he spotted the frail form of 87 year old Fedencio Sanchez, struggling to push a heavy ice cream cart. Joel stopped to buy some ice cream and began chatting with Mr. Sanchez, discovering the old gentleman had returned to the only work he could find to support his wife after the death of their daughter, who’d been assisting her parents during her mother’s illness. So touched by the story, Joel put it on GoFundMe with this moving picture and the Sanchez’s story. He was hoping to raise $3,000 to help the couple.


So, this was on September 9th. One week later, the donations are up to $368,900 and climbing. A estate attorney is donating his services to help create a trust to protect the couple, and an ice cream company even sent a solar-powered ice cream stand in case Mr. Sanchez would like to continue selling popsicles from time to time. Shuddup, man…I ain’t crying! It’s…sniff…dusty in here.

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