Top 10 Best Ways to Serve this Holiday


  1. BE YOU! Serve where you are the most passionate. Use your specific
    talents to serve those around you.
  2.  You DON’T need money to serve this Holiday. Time, kindness, and
    patience are often a harder gift to give than money.
  3.  START in your own home. You don’t have to go far to find individuals
    who can benefit from your love and service. Home, neighborhood, city,
  4. FORGET YOURSELF how will your service impact the individual you are
    reaching out too?
  5. DON’T judge to harshly a situation. Often things are not what they seem
  6. RESEARCH give a simple phone call to the organization your service will be benefitting. Ask what current needs are. Often what we think is needed is different than what is really needed.
  7. QUALITY over quantity! 1 can of protein is better than numerous cans of canned vegetables. Give quality products when you donate. Remember these are life sustaining at times, for those you are donating too.
  8. EMPOWER individuals by allowing them to help themselves through situations. Give them access to accurate and helpful services through 2-1-1. 2-1-1 cards are available to print off at
  9. JOIN established organizations in your efforts this Holiday. When we work together we have a stronger influence. Joining an established Sub for Santa program, insures all families are being helped and not a few families being helped by numerous organizations.
  10. REMEMBER children and families are in need all year long. The efforts we make each Holiday season can go throughout the entire year! Take on the challenge to join Sunshine Heroes this 2018 and #spreadsunshine to everyone in need. Together we can #betheone to change our community


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