Top Ten Pies We’re Looking Forward to Eating on Thanksgiving

You’re probably going to be eating PIE tomorrow.  It’s one of THE most important parts of the entire holiday, just behind “giving thanks” and ahead of “spending time with family.”

A new survey asked people which pies they’re most looking forward to tomorrow.  And here are the top 10 . . .

1.  Pumpkin, 36%.

2.  Pecan, 17%.

3.  Apple, 14%.

4.  Sweet potato, 10%.

5.  Chocolate, 9%.

6.  Lemon meringue, 4%.

7.  Cherry, 3%.

8.  Blueberry, 3%.

9.  Strawberry, 2%.

10.  Others, like rhubarb or peach, 2%.

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