Wacky Things Couples Have Tried To Get Pregnant

Oh baby!  Is 2018 going to be the year you get pregnant?  Many couples struggle with the pressure to conceive.  Here are a few wacky tricks some couples have tried:

  1.  Eating Dark Chocolate – Believed to increase fertility                                                                 
  2. Pineapple Juice – Contains Bromelain which works as blood thinner to help implantation                                  
  3. Women Wearing Socks in the…uh…Act – Believed to help warm the uterus  
  4. Bicycle Kicks – Believed to help semen travel to uterus                                        
  5. Green Bed Sheets – Green is the color of fertility                                   
  6. Reverse Psychology – Helps relieves pressure and anxiety of conceiving                                         
  7. Piercing Left Side of Your Nose – Believed to increase fertility                                                                  
  8. Men Wearing Frozen Boxers – Believed to maximize fertility                            

Have you tried anything weird or an old wives tale?  Did it work?

At least you get to have fun trying!  Except the frozen boxers might not be so fun…

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