Want To Make A Change? Register To Vote!

Let your voices be heard! 

In times like these where political and social issues are dominant, using your voice is more important now than ever. If you want to see a change, you need to make sure you are part of the change. A great way to do that is by registering to vote and participating in every election.  

Voting now has become easier than ever. You can register to vote online at the comfort of your home and it takes less than 2 minutes. You also have the option to chose a mail-in ballot instead of trying to find your local voting booths. They will actually send you an official ballot for you to fill out at home and drop off at a mailbox at your convenience, as long as it’s turned in by the postmark date. 

I know a lot of you feel like your votes “don’t matter” but they do! Every vote counts and if you want changes to happen you need to vote for our government officials. 

Do you want to let your voice be heard but don’t know where to start? I’ve got you! 

First, you want to register yourself to vote at Vote.Utah.Gov

Second, you will want to click on “Register To Vote Or Update Information

From there you can learn about how you can vote, find your voter registration info, and update ballot mailing addressYou can also learn about the candidates and issues you can vote on based on where you live. 

So what are you waiting for? Register to vote today and let your voice be heard! 

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