Week 1 Recap

Jon, Justin & Chantel have decided to work together to become a healthier Morning Show. Will you join them?

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|| Week 1 Journal ||

Jon- My first week on the road to fitness was a bust, and that’s me being kind to myself. Not once did I make it to the gym. In fact, I spent Saturday on my butt for six hours driving to Idaho for lottery tickets. If anything, it was an anti-cardio day. As for my diet, I ate an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers one day, split an In-N-Out shake with my Son Liam and on Friday ate two dinners (Nachos at my broadcast and pizza at home). So…I am up two pounds, which is the wrong direction. But today starts a new week!

Justin- I think week one was not to bad I look at it is a soft warm up to the real thing. I managed to bring my lunch and eat clean meals all week long and that in itself is hard to do since Jon and I like to go out to lunch.  I will be honest I fell apart a bit this weekend but I blame football for that. Here is to week two being a little better than week one.

Chantel- well like most resolutions, week 1 was non-existent. #embarrassed I started the week with great intentions went to the gym 2 days but failed once I went out of town and splurged. This week I didn’t weigh myself, but I can only assume it was a gain. My plan this week is to pack a gym bag and keep it in my car, this way I workout before I go home and sit on the couch and never get up. Here’s to a better week 2!

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