Week 2 Recap

We are halfway through January, how are you doing on the fitness Challenge?

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|| Week 2 Journal ||

Jon – On the bright side, I did not gain any weight this week. On the negative, I was up last week, so I’m now maintaining at a higher weight than where I even started. I also did make it to the gym, but that was just for 1 ½ times. Why the half? I ended up at the gym but had a childcare issue and had to leave after I put on my clothes. So it’s not really a half, but I’m giving myself the benefit of the doubt! My goal is to go at least twice this week and say no to at least one dessert!

JustinAs you guys know I was off  few days last week to go see my mom in Yuma Arizona, although it was so good to see the sunshine and the 70 degree temps I learned that when you retire all you do is shop and eat. Oh boy am I full, so this week I am hitting it like I am training for the Olympics!! Here is to being sore tomorrow : )

Chantel – Last week was AWESOME! I went to the gym everyday! I’ve been trying to work on my stamina with Running. I use to run competitively and I want to get back to where I once was. I started out the week doing 10 minute miles and ended the week shaving off 1 minute and completing 2 miles just under 20 minutes! Not sure if i’ve lost any weight, but it will go away eventually. Follow me on Snapchat for motivation on ur own journey “Chantelope”


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