Week 3/4 Recap

Month one is complete, how did you do?

Fitness and weight loss concept, dumbbells, white scale, fruit and tape measure on a wooden table, top view

Jon- I rocked my diet Monday thru Thursday, however it all fell apart on Friday when we had Pizza Hut for dinner. This was followed by pancakes for breakfast, LaCocina cheese enchiladas for dinner, waffles for breakfast on Sunday and then cheeseburgers for lunch. Yup, I’m not doing well.

Justin- Finally a week I feel pretty good about, I cut the fast food out and lot of fatty foods and we cooked some great meals at home.  Been using the barbecue even though it’s winter it’s so nice to have grilled chicken. I would say I slacked most on getting the exercise in but 80% is eating right and I nailed it this past week. This week looks not as crazy so I looked forward to getting at least three gym days in

Chantel- I had a great first 3 weeks, on week 4 I fell behind. But February is the month of love and I’m going to fall in love again with my body! I always find myself judging the way I look and putting myself down. But not this month, i’m going to love the way I look try and reach a healthy milestone by losing 2 lbs & eating healthy! Get Healthy Tips on Pinterest

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