Will You Sign the Petition?

A lot of “Grey’s Anatomy” fanatics were NOT happy with the demise of Patrick Dempsey’s character (like my wife and myself), Dr. McDreamy, last week.

So naturally, an online petition has popped up . . . asking the show to bring him back.  It begins:  Quote, “This is important because you cannot have people invest a DECADE into a character and then you just terminate them like that!

“You have people out here donating blood and organs trying to save lives . . . wanting to become doctors and all from committing to this television show . . . just to let us down like this.  You’ve destroyed us.  COMPLETELY!”

It adds, quote, “People are not sleeping nor eating because of this tragic turn of events and you are not there to help them in any way shape or form!”  Last we checked, over 13,000 people had “signed” this madness.

So how do you bring back a DEAD character?  The petition suggests that they pull a “Dallas” and make that episode a DREAM.

For what it’s worth, ABC has not cleared “Grey’s Anatomy” for a 12th season yet.  So, this could end up becoming a moot point.

Will you be signing?

In case you missed the episode…here’s the scene!


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