Winter landscape in the mountains at night. A full moon and a starry sky. Carpathians, Ukraine

The full moon in February 2017, known as the snow moon, will start out a bit dimmer than an ordinary full moon because a penumbral lunar eclipse occurs on the same night, Friday, Feb. 10… Which is tonight!! A penumbral eclipse occurs when the moon moves through the outer section of the earth’s shadow, says This type of eclipse occurs a few times per year, but most people don’t even notice it when they’re looking at the moon, because it’s not as dramatic as a full eclipse or a partial eclipse. However it should be a bit more noticeable this year so you definitely need to see it! In North America, the eclipse begins at 5:34 p.m. ET and ends at 9:53 ET, according to astronomy website EarthSky. The eclipse will be at its height around 7:44 p.m. ET. The snow moon will reach its crest, when it is officially at its full phase at 7:32 p.m. Friday in the New York metro region. So make sure you go outside to see this beautiful sight!


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