Your 10 Best Places For Pho in Salt Lake

Pass the Sriracha, please.

Few things are as satisfying as when that huge, steaming bowl is placed in front of you surrounded by lime, peppers, sprouts and mint on a crisp day. Add some egg rolls or, perhaps, Bánh mì if you feel like gorging. Also, make sure you leave time for a nap after, because if you manage to finish noodles, meat, broth and all, you’re going to need some recovery time. Put as much Sriracha and hoisin in as you like and stir it in with your chopsticks. We polled over 500 people to vote for their favorite place for this infamous Vietnamese soup and here’s what you said.

10. Little Saigon – 2021 East Windsor

perfect night for ???? #girlvsfoodslc #slceats #lfthx

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9. Pho Bien Hoa – 4146 Carriage Square

Faaaaaa it’s phooo

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8. Pho Thin – 2121 McClelland St E #106

real person day: success

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7. Pho Saigon Noodle House – 2222 West 3500 South

Cravings have been satisfied #Phó ????

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6. Pho Cali – 1631 State Street

Phoking awesome with the boo thang #pho

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5. Pho 33 – 7640 State Street

4. Pho Hoa Noodle Soup – 3460 South Redwood Road

Gotta eat up #dinner #summerrolls #vietnemesesouppho #vietnamesefoods #dieting

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3. La-Cai Noodle House – 961 South State Street

2. Oh Mai – 3425 South State Street

I always need some #pho on a rainy day. Dipping #banhmi in soup is my secret receipes at #ohmai

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1. Pho Tay Ho – 1766 Main Street

That time I had the most delicious Pho #postingfoodpicsdontcare

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Now, your mission, if you choose to accept it is to eat your way through this entire list. Now matter how you dress it, there are few things as satisyfing as a huge bowl of pho!

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