7 Minutes in Heaven- Ep 3

What happens when you die? I’m sure that’s a question that has at least crossed your mind once before.

My wife Jenn and I owned a hospice company for years. During this time, we experienced many individuals crossing over. The change in a room is palpable.
For most of us, we will only be able to answer this question of “what’s next” when it becomes our time. However for some, they have been able to experience the next phase of our journey and return.

My goal of this podcast is to interview those who have had NDE (near death experiences). “7 Minutes in Heaven” is exactly that. A 7 minute interview of those who have experienced life on the other side.

After a difficult childhood with parents involved in sexual cults, alcoholism and abuse, Angie Fenimore attempted to take her own life. But her near-death experience helped Fenimore find new meaning

From Angie’s website:

Fenimores are writers. And we are bipolar. Not all of us, of course, but certainly a disproportionate swathe of us caught those genes. All writers are compelled.  We can do nothing about it.  There is an itch in our fingers that drives prose from our heads to the page. It was the natural thing then for me to scribe the details of my near-death experience when I survived a suicide attempt in 1991.

I am also a self-proclaimed writers’ conference junkie of 20 years. I would inevitably wind up in the wrong classes, filled with information that I could find at my local bookstore, too embarrassed to stand up and find a class that might be a better fit. I eventually grew weary of dropping a wad of dough to fly out to NYC or California for 10 minutes of value; connecting with agents, publishers and other writers.

I’m an international bestselling author, having signed with several top literary agencies. Before retiring to write fulltime, I ran HR departments and organized large events in the high-end restaurant and hospitality industries. I’ve organized coalitions that have changed laws. I’ve programmed film festivals and served on the ground floor of organizing world-wide events to forward conversations for peace, social justice and environmental responsibility.

I excelled in leading transformational trainings for Landmark Worldwide, the global leader in personal and professional development and I’m proud to have contributed to the success of TV show creators, NYT bestselling authors and political leaders committed to integrity.

When my marriage crumbled several years ago, one question pricked at me, settled in and kept me awake: Why is life so unfair?  I was struck by a thought, one that changed everything.  Being upset that life isn’t fair is like being upset that apples aren’t blue.  The epiphany gave rise to a new question: What difference can I make while my heart still beats?  For every inequity, there is also an opportunity to serve.

I might be able to write ten more books in my lifetime that forward change on our planet. Or I could empower thousands of others to write ten books in their lifetime that inspire us to end war, end poverty, hunger, violence and every other depravity. Two years ago, I decided to forge my experience to create Calliope Writing Coach.

I now teach writing mastery, empowering people to tell their own stories.  I nurture them.  We break bread together.  I find publishing homes for their manuscripts.  I have the sacred privilege of serving as midwife to important books and inspired new voices.

Listen to Angie’s podcast here!

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