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Billy Ray Cyrus and FIREROSE Unveil “Plans” Set for Grand Ole Opry Premiere

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In a harmonious convergence of talents, global sensation Billy Ray Cyrus and the highly regarded FIREROSE are on the brink of unveiling their poignant creation, “Plans.” Crafted by the venerable Diane Warren, this powerful ballad emerges as a testament to the artists’ collective prowess. The duo’s creative synergy finds its extraordinary debut on the prestigious stage of the Grand Ole Opry, an event brimming with anticipation.

The masterful lyricism of FIREROSE has long been celebrated, with her hallmark being songs she has personally penned. The revelation of her fervent enthusiasm for a composition from an external songwriter took Cyrus by surprise, a sentiment he openly acknowledges. The heart of “Plans” emanates from the pen of Diane Warren, a true luminary in the realm of songwriting. The resultant fusion of FIREROSE’s and Cyrus’s musical styles creates an indelible blend of pop-country, marking a chapter that stretches beyond history and into the boundless tapestry of the musical future, as eloquently affirmed by Cyrus himself.

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