Bring your Baby to Work

It is becoming increasingly popular for business to allow babies in the work place and to this we say..OH YEAH! Over 200 Companies in the USA have already adopted the “Infants at work Policy” allowing parents of newborn babies to bring them to work. While this may seem like a terrible idea, there are rules in place (of course)

  • Babies cannot be disruptive: Parents must respond very quickly to the first sound of distress from the baby.
  • The program is limited to babies who can’t yet crawl
  • Everybody still needs to get their work done, no slacking off!
  • Parents need to pre-plan for back-up care: Typically, at least two coworkers volunteer to be available if the parent needs to go to a meeting or otherwise be away from the baby
  • There should be a baby-free zone in place: This should be a part of the office far away from the new parent where people who are bothered by the baby’s presence could request to sit.

I think this is a great idea, no parent should have to suffer income due to having a precious little babe!


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