Charles Kelly, of Lady A, debuts his first solo single “The Driver”

Tonights Flyin’ or Dyin’ Charles Kelly of Lady A deputes his first solo single. Place your vote here or beginning at 7pm Tracy Chapman will take your calls at 866-551-1015.

Is it Flyin’ or is it Dyin’?

Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley Talks Solo Venture
“‘The Driver’ is my last eight years of my life put in a song,’ the Georgia native says. ‘It was an idea I had for a year: I’m the driver bringing the circus to town — first one in, last rolling out. . . ‘”

Technically, it’s his debut solo single, but Kelley laughs that he’s “taking a break from one trio and putting out a song by another trio. . . of dudes!” Those other “dudes” include Paslay and Dierks Bentley, who each take a verse of the tune and harmonize on the choruses. Kelley explains that he decided to make “The Driver” a vocal collaboration after witnessing the strong reactions from record label executives when he played them the demo. He had a feeling it would be his first track released to radio and wanted it to really stand out.


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