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CMT Pulls Jason Aldean’s Music Video: Columbia Mayor Advocates for Peaceful Small-Town Showcases

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In the aftermath of CMT’s decision to pull Jason Aldean’s latest music video from circulation due to its controversial and contentious content, Columbia, Tennessee Mayor Chaz Molder has emerged as a prominent figure in this unfolding narrative. Molder’s compelling suggestion for other country music artists to embrace the charm of their own small towns as video backdrops aims to highlight the values of harmony, affection, and the myriad blessings of these close-knit communities. Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” echoes the discord of protests and civil unrest witnessed in larger urban areas, with the singer adamantly asserting that such conduct would find no place in the tranquility of small-town life. The music video’s use of genuine protest footage, including acts of flag desecration and violence against police officers, has only fueled the fervor surrounding the contentious themes within the song.

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